Zoom for Federal Governmment

Managing Federal Data in the Clouds

How do Federal IT leaders navigate the wild road to multi-cloud maturity and accelerate transformation? Join Kelsey Werder Monaghan, Federal Strategic Programs and Partnerships Lead for Cloud to Edge at Dell Technologies, and Andrew Balzarini for insights and best practices in the fourth episode of “A Wild Idea.”

Connected, Happy, Secure: Why PCaaS for Federal Agencies

How are Federal IT leaders helping to manage flexible work options in today’s workforce – where they are relying on their work to be done anytime and anywhere?
Join IT pro David Lancaster, Services Sales Executive, Federal, and Andrew Balzarini to find out in the third episode of “A Wild Idea.”

Move Your Infrastructure From AI-Possible to AI-Proven

Buckle up – Wildflower’s Andrew Balzarini is driving discussions on Federal IT transformation making the possibilities of AI a reality for government. Join industry expert Dan Carroll, Dell Technologies, and Andrew to get the scoop in our new episode of “A Wild Idea.”

Prepare Your Federal AI Pilots for Liftoff

How are Federal agencies evolving their IT infrastructure to support AI – at the edge, in the data center, and in cloud environments? Wildflower’s Andrew Balzarini talks with two industry experts to find out in our new video series, “A Wild Idea.”

Remote and Hybrid Work

HybridWork has become all but required for Federal agencies and many have learned some tough lessons along the bumpy road to a modern work environment. Andrew Balzarini of Wildflower International and Cameron Chehreh of Dell Technologies delve into the results of this cultural shift and the technologies supporting it in the pilot episode of “A Wild Idea.”

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