Wildflower Announces a New Partnership with the Pueblo of Pojoaque

Wildflower Announces a New Partnership with the Pueblo of Pojoaque
Two New Mexican Entities Team Up with Unmanned Aircraft

Santa Fe, NM. (December 10, 2018) – Wildflower is pleased to announce a partnership between the Pojoaque Tribal Government and the newest division of Wildflower International: Unmanned Aircraft. The partnership aims to capitalize on the values each entity holds dear: stewardship of people and land, and a serious responsibility toward the resources that have been entrusted to each. The partnership, which will begin in early 2019, will allow Wildflower International to utilize certain Pueblo lands for practice, training and flight instruction. Wildflower will provide flight training to men and women from the Pueblo of Pojoaque, and once the new pilots are trained and certified, positions will be available within the Wildflower flight crew.

“I believe that the agreement serves both entities well. Governor Talachy and I both share a desire to invest in our people, and we both agree that technology is the way forward,” states President of Wildflower, Kimberly deCastro. “This partnership enables us to learn from each other, provides value to each of our peoples, and most importantly it allows us to do so in a way that we can faithfully steward the resources we’ve been entrusted with.”

Under the leadership of its Tribal Council, Pojoaque has embarked on an aggressive economic and business development plan to sustain its community. The Tribal Government is developing ways to invest in its people, infrastructure, resources and the environment; and the partnership with Wildflower fits well with Governor Talachy’s vision to build a robust, technology-rich labor pool. “To be successful tomorrow, the members of the Pueblo need to gain the skills for the jobs of tomorrow. This means learning and becoming educated in the technology that will drive the economy in the future.  There seems to be no doubt that unmanned aircraft is a technology that has huge growth potential,” states Governor Talachy.

  One of the ways the unmanned aircraft will be utilized at the Pueblo is for cultural  site identification. Because of the ultra-high resolution and infrared capabilities of Wildflower’s unmanned aircraft, pilots and Tribal Programs will be able to locate important sites on the Pueblo without disturbing or desecrating the land.

  Also benefitting from the partnership is the Pojoaque Bison Program, which was started in 1994 to restore the native animal to the land. The program has flourished, and now there are dozens of genetically diverse wild Bison that roam  Pueblo lands. The integration of the Unmanned Aircraft into herd management strategies will allow the herd managers to keep the herd in a wild state, and still be able to observe and monitor them, and when necessary, assist, treat and track the herd.

  Because of the location of the Pueblo – it is tucked between the Valle Calderas National Preserve, the Pecos River Valley and the Santa Fe National Forest – the  Pueblo of Pojoaque is often involved with the search and rescue of hikers and fire control efforts. The integration of unmanned aircraft and trained pilots will enable the Pueblo to be more effectively involved in search and rescue operations without putting lives at risk.

  Wildflower sees even further potential to be cultivated from this partnership. “It is a privilege to work with the Pueblo of Pojoaque,” states deCastro.  “It is my hope that the experience gained by the pilots we train can spread throughout the Nations here in the Southwest for land management and wildlife preservation.”

  Undoubtedly, the sky’s the limit.

Carly Rhodeside