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Wildflower in the news: "Tapping the federal flow"

From the Albuquerque Journal:

Similarly, Wildflower International has been so successful that it has branched out from doing IT services and hardware for the federal government into the world of data and drones.

It has partnered with Albuquerque start-up Silent Falcon to provide customers with information collected from unmanned aerial vehicles.

Owner deCastro said the new venture will tap into government work, but she was surprised to discover that the growth opportunities are in the private sector. For example, ranchers might need aerial data to survey their cattle or land holdings and wind farms might be interested in data analytics, she said.

That means she will pivot her company in a way that was unexpected so she can continue to be profitable and take care of her employees. The journey couldn’t have happened without her federal government expertise.

“We are a true Cinderella story,” she said.

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Santa Fe tech firm adds two military contracts

Wildflower International, a Santa Fe- based tech services firm, acquired two contracts with the U.S. military in August worth $3.6 million.

The firm, started in 1991 in Glorieta, was awarded a $197,363 contract with the Army on Aug. 21. Further information on that contract, for network security, was not available.

At the same time, Wildflower was awarded a $3.35 million contract to upgrade video teleconferencing and other technology at two military bases, Fort Hood in Texas and Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington state.

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