Wildflower utilizes SAP which is one of the largest organizational management applications in the world. Combined with an internally hosted cloud computing environment, onsite/offsite data backups and hot-site failover, Wildflower is a small business with enterprise strength. As such we maintain an operational reliability that few can match.

Along with reliability, Wildflower adds flexibility with a completely mobile-ready workforce. While the majority of operations occur at our main office locations, every office workstation was replaced with a top of the line laptop system so every employee is capable of mobile operation. The Wildflower infrastructure has been created so that Wildflower employees simply need an internet connection in order to access every company resource they require to serve our customers.

Behind everything we do at Wildflower is our motivation to provide unparalleled customer service. Wildflower’s commitment to cutting edge technology is born of its values; we believe that our customers come first, always. Every move we make is with that in mind.