Cownter Intelligence

Intelligence originally developed for the Cattle Industry that reads, counts, tallies, documents and compares absolutely anything.

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Enumerate. Tally. Compare.

  • Long Reads footage of any kind and counts anything you program it to count

  • Can be trained to learn and detect any object: animals, cars, trees, animate and inanimate objects

  • Trained to detect 2000+ objects, and can be trained to count anything

  • Integrates with drone technology to learn, detect and count anything from the sky

  • The enumeration process is accurate to 99+%

What used to take dozens or hundreds of man-hours now takes a fraction of the time. Ground-based visibility issues are inconsequential, difficult to reach terrain is now accessible, 1000s of acres can be numbered in a fraction of the time, human error is eliminate, users can compare data sets across any time period, and it is infinitely scalable.

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Industries that are using this intelligence:



  Land Managers

  Fish & Wildlife


  Law Enforcement

  Tribal Authorities



The intelligence is able to collect & read data from:

  Satellite Images

  UAV imagery

  Ground-based images

  Any film, photos or videos



Call us to quote a specialized configuration package for your needs.

  • We can process the data on your premises

  • Data can be loaded to our platform

  • Purchase a UAV or lease airtime

  • Turn-key UAV solutions available

  • Subscription packages are available