Successful delivery in any form takes great teams made of passionate people. From quoting task orders, to managing programs and networks, the differentiator is the quality of the people. The Wildflower culture inspires its client-centric team to focus on providing a positive customer experience. A group of talented, imaginative, and diverse people is what allows the company to be in class by themselves in terms of dedication and productivity. Wildflower’s leadership believes that a culture of mutual trust and loyalty, both inside and outside the organization, is the key to its continuing growth and success.


The Company refreshes its infrastructure wisely and consistently; there is no better investment. State-of-the-art IT is a priority, both hardware and software. Wildflower understands that these assets are tools that empower its people to serve their customers well and memorably. In addition to a robust and secure network, 100% of Wildflower employees have mobile computing capabilities. The company places a very high value on the ability of its personnel to serve the national security complex from any location, any time, no matter the circumstances. Running on SAP, Wildflower has a constant unified view of its business, enabling compliance in regulated environments, supporting e-commerce, and heightening the strength of its mobility.


Born of the right people with the right tools is a process-rich business model. Nimble and responsive practices are predicated on the ability to manage-by-exception. Processes are built upon Wildflower’s solid infrastructure, allowing detection of anomalies in real-time and quick responses to business partners before a crisis. Sophisticated exception management affords the Wildflower team the capability to maintain its focus on what's important: serving the customer.