With nearly three decades in the federal contracting industry, Wildflower has the intimate knowledge that many emerging technology companies lack when it comes to working with the government. We are prime contractors on some of the largest Government-Wide Acquisition Contracts (GWAC) and Department-Wide Acquisition Contracts (DWAC) for both traditional and disruptor technologies. Contact a business development exec at Wildflower to discuss whether your product has a home on one of our contract vehicles.


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Read the following case study to see how we've helped companies break into the Federal Government supply space.

Silent Falcon Case Study

Inside of 7 months, Wildflower was doing business and added the Silent Falcon UAS product line and associated services to its GSA Schedule.

As their company began to grow, Silent Falcon UAS Technologies knew they had a product and a solution set that would fulfill varying needs across many industries. They saw success in many overseas markets from their home base in Albuquerque, NM, but envisioned bringing their product to the U.S. Federal Government. Despite joining groups and doing as much outreach as they could, they realized that the federal market required expertise they did not have.