Pay-as-you-go Business Model

Customers on pay-as-you-go business modelsbenefit from avoiding lengthy contracts that limit freedom of choice. Wildflower customersdeftly control their spending and financial resources with the cost being set by how much they spend or use.

This modelaligns spend with actual consumption, facilitating the ability to manage per-use cost and track it in real time. Wildflower can bill for services by transaction, time in use, peak period, or other subscription metrics as solutions are delivered. Some models are entirely usage-based – users will pay a minimal setup charge, the usage fee, and for service and support – while others combine a monthly recurring fee along with usage charges. Pay-as-you-go has been shown to lower consumption, compared to models where flat rates are charged. It also eliminates the need to overbuy at the outset, leaving organizations with unusable and unnecessary resources.

An example of a mixed model demonstrates usage and capacity over a five-year period:


Wildflower develops pay-as-you-go business models for any type of situation. Let’s talk about yours.