Professionals agree that the difference between success and failure on projects is quality project management and a modern day approach that moves beyond methods that were designed for situations in the past.

Wildflower is an IT Project Management Company. Using its web-based project management application - VirtualEyes™ , the company provides a fully integrated communications toolset for project, program, and portfolio management. Wildflower allows its clients to have access to the application, affording real-time visibility into each project as they are in progress. Wildflower has an impressive array of reporting techniques that can be customized for nearly any contractual obligation. Striving to always go above and beyond, Wildflower is a different sort of company that provides a different customer experience: a successful one.

TOO MANY EMAILS In today’s world, you and your colleagues attempt to manage meetings, tasks, strategic plans, and almost every other aspect of business with information shared via email. It’s also true that many have learned their information sharing skills by default rather than via specific training.

Complete, accurate, and centralized web based information eliminates the need for hundreds of emails crossing paths of all stakeholders, with little hope of consolidation or organization.

While many people have good writing skills, effective communication techniques, technical know-how, or organizational strengths, few have considered how to combine and apply these talents holistically using a collaborative tool that involves all stakeholders and removes chaos.

It is a daily challenge for managers to ensure that participants are informed up to the minute. Emails can be lost, misdirected, or forgotten. Constant visibility and traceability to pertinent documents, status, tracking issues quickly to resolution, and adapting instantly to changes: these features are essential to a complex program’s ongoing success. How do you bring everyone into the experience at the same time? This has been the challenge that keeps projects from moving forward without creating frustration or a negative customer experience. Wildflower found that the currently available tools, while useful, provided only static snapshots that its program and project managers struggle to keep relevant, while also keeping their clients and partners in the know. What is the answer? A collaborative environment that brings all users into the same place; a virtual environment created as a archive for every bit of information that is key to the project, accessible any time. It totals up to productivity.

The Wildflower approach assumes everyone is on the same team. There is no firewall between customers, suppliers or business partners. With a view into a collaborative environment in which all stakeholders have visibility and voice, users are informed and empowered. No longer do customers have to puzzle out what is really going on inside of a project. VirtualEyes™provides a comprehensive dashboard view, as well the ability to drill-down and view any task, deliverable or milestone in detail. Wildflower implemented its philosophy, creating a path to move beyond simply conforming to industry standards and outdated thinking. Accessing the Wildflower tool - VirtualEyes™ is simple; the secure internet application requires no software for the user. Wildflower has created a 100% web-based application, running on a robust and secure Oracle database. There are no client requirements other than a computer with a web browser. The processing is done in the database and on the web server.

The Wildflower Projects Management site:

Deploys quickly

Manages People’s schedules effectively and avoids desruption

Manages budgets

Ensures high quality that might otherwise and clean transition

Addresses anomalies that might otherwise affect logistics and plans

Provides for change management

Keeps stakeholders engaged

Saves money

Creates confidence

Delivers success

VirtualEyes™ provides project management in one of three ways:

i. Complete project management including staffing of all PM positions, including the design of the PM website for your project and staffing to maintain the site.

ii. Providing licensing to the Wildflower project management tool, allowing you use the robust tools the company has designed, with your own project management team.

iii. A customized combination of the two options mentioned above, tailored to your unique needs.

As you look at your project management needs, consider companies that are experienced in project management. Evaluate the tools they employ and how they charge for them. Please contact Wildflower when you are ready to discuss simple, affordable and effective project management from a trusted business partner or email us here.