Supply Chain Management Center


SCMC is a multiple-award BPA contract for the Department of Energy’s contractors, providing Dell branded products and services. Via the SCMC Agreement, Wildflower also provides additional services unique to the DOE landscape.


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Contract Key Components

  • Contract Number: WS51278

  • Eligibility: Select DOE Contractors

  • Period of Performance: 23 May 2014 – 22 May 2021


Contract Resources


Wildflower Program Lead: Jim Montoya


       Helpful SCMC links  

       SCMC Information Site:


        a. LANL (Los Alamos National Lab):
            Subcontract #: 363760
            In accordance with SCMC Agreement No. WS51278

       b. SNL (Sandia National Lab): Subcontract #: 1576527


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