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With our Cloud-Readiness Assessments (CRA), we gain a comprehensive understanding of your current environment and assets, report on resource utilization, and map your applications to the underlying infrastructure used to determine the best model to use and the most appropriate cloud providers.

Cloud solutions may be right for you.. but is it public, private, or hybrid?

Nearly 10 years ago, Vivek Kundra, serving as the first Chief Information Officer of the United States under President Barak Obama, introduced the Federal Cloud Computing Strategy and his Cloud First policy. The policy’s intent was to illuminate potential cost savings and value realized by capitalizing on economies of scale and leveraging the shared infrastructure approach inherent in Cloud Computing.

Fast forward to 2017, it became evident that agencies needed more than just the authority to adopt Cloud-Based solutions, the essential intent of Cloud First. As such, a pledge was made by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), in accordance with Executive Order 13800, to update the legacy policy and develop a new, more practical strategy. With guidance from the CIO Council, a new strategy called Cloud Smart was introduced. It was designed to encourage greater and more rapid agency adoption of Cloud Computing and Cloud-Based solutions to realize their true potential.

Wildflower’s Zero-Trust Solution: Dell’s Trusted Hybrid Cloud

Wildflower provides a multi-tiered solution utilizing Dell’s Trusted Hybrid Cloud and Juniper Network’s ETI built into their SRX Series of Firewalls.


We achieve reduced costs through the unification of cybersecurity, operations and compliance regulations.

Cloud-Readiness Assessment (CRA) Inclusions


Asset Assessment & Discovery Services


We assess and identify all assets present in the network and determine resource usage, inter-connectedness, and interdependencies with other physical and/or virtual devices or applications.


Data Center Workload Sizing


After discovery, we dive deeper to discover the associations within the assets. What are the assets doing? How much are they taxing the network? Our CRA provides real-life visibility into the data center, workloads, application usage, and resource requirements, allowing for a data-driven cloud strategy.


Application & Infrastructure Mapping


Knowing exactly which applications are interacting with other pieces of hardware is critical to success. We use sophisticated mapping software to reveal current and optimal exchange so we can confidently determine how the infrastructure will operate in a cloud environment.


Cloud Strategy Recommendation – Public, Private, Hybrid


Upon completion of a CRA, we provide a definitive recommendation, or recommendations, on the most appropriate route for your cloud journey. It may be all Public, all Private, or a Hybrid strategy that makes the most sense for your agency’s specific needs.


Optimized Price Modeling


Whether it is a Fixed Pricing model such as Pay-Per-Use, Subscription-based, Pay-For-Resources, or a Dynamic Pricing model such as Cost-based, Value-Based, Competition-based, or even Customer-based, we’ll help you determine the right course for your budgetary needs.

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