Infrastructure Engineered for Current Needs as Well as Future Growth

Wildflower assesses your current and future needs to help you hit that sweet spot in data center infrastructure.




Converged & Hyper-Converged


Data Management



Data Centers - ultimate ownership of your data.

While hosting data in the cloud certainly has benefits with data storage, there is no more secure place for your classified data than in your own protected data center. But building out and maintaining your data center infrastructure effectively is complicated work. It’s critical to engineer your infrastructure for current needs as well as future growth.

Server, Storage & Networking

The server is the pivotal center of your network, the hub of your enterprise’s storage. From size, storage and speed considerations, to racks and power supply, Wildflower engineers the optimal configuration for your specific needs. We offer expert help and scalable, top-down solutions that are intelligently tailored to your server, storage, networking and budgetary requirements.

Converged & Hyperconverged

Our team of experts helps you determine which is the best solution for you – whether converged or hyper-converged, and then implement it efficiently and quickly. Project requirements, capacity, redundancy, length of project, the ability to migrate automatically, and 24/7 reliability are just a few of the considerations when determining whether a converged or hyper-converged solution is right for your agency. Wildflower helps you decide what is right for your needs.

Data Management & Protection

At its core, data management is understanding where your data is and where it needs to be – for security reasons or for simpler access – to function most effectively. Planning for routine backups, anticipating security issues and understanding data usability are key when our experts consider data management and protection needs.  Wildflower assesses your data management and usage needs to determine the optimal way to keep it protected.

Enterprise Software: As-a-Service & On-Premises

Many factors come into play when determining whether software should live on-premise or as a service; Wildflower helps you assess your agency’s needs to make the right choice. We provide software and services in the following categories:
  • Virtualization
  • Databases
  • High-Performance Computing (HPC)
  • Cluster Management
  • Data Management
  • Server Operating Systems
  • Open Source Operating Systems
  • Private Cloud

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