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IT Hardware & Configurations

With antiquated or inadequate hardware, your agency can’t operate at optimum performance. And with the rate of change in technologies, acquiring the right hardware can be a bit overwhelming.

Hardware Configuration

Wildflower configures your hardware before it ships. Save time and money with the configuration solution that meets your needs.
  • End-user hardware installations, including desktops, laptops, and printers
  • Pre-shipment configuration for server and storage equipment
  • Remote configuration for networking and storage equipment

Software Configuration Management and Computer Imaging

Wildflower configures your operating system, custom BIOS and/or software settings to any piece of equipment before shipment. By letting us handle repetitive software configurations before your order ships, you’ll save time with new system rollouts. We offer:
  • Computer imaging services: We can preload your custom images onto systems before they ship.
  • VPN configuration services: With a static IP address and proprietary VPN connection, you can update images on the fly.

Turnkey Solutions

We’ll ensure your new technology is ready to go when it arrives to help you save time and money. You can feel confident that your new technology is properly customized, integrated, tested, and ready to deploy “out of the box” as soon as it’s delivered. We can help with:
  • Firmware and BIOS upgrades
  • Custom inserts with clear instructions for users
  • Data capture for pre-staging on your network

Custom Packaging and Simplified Distribution

With our custom packaging and distribution services, you can eliminate the clutter of extra boxes and receive your new IT equipment packaged, labeled and consolidated for ease of delivery at your dock. We can simplify delivery with:
  • Palletization: Allows you to receive your entire order in one shipment
  • Kitting: Bundle your items together and ship kitted boxes to multiple destinations
  • Labeling: Packages for easy shipping and tracking

IT Asset Management

Label every piece of hardware with a unique asset number, which can be easily tracked online in your Account Center. This not only standardizes your physical inventory, but also enhances tracking capabilities, along with reducing the possibility of theft or loss. We offer:
  • Custom asset tagging based on your current system or one we help you devise
  • Enhanced barcode tracking for easy inventory management
  • Custom engraving and laser etching for laptops, tablets and more

Remote Configuration Services

Wildflower’s highly skilled and certified engineers remotely deploy multi-vendor firewall, router and switch configurations. We configure this hardware from one of our two state-of-the-art Configuration Centers before shipment and complete final settings and hardening after delivery via a secure connection.

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