Wildflower Managed and Secure Supply Chain Services

Wildflower has well defined processes that cover every aspect of product movement from manufacturers to the end user. Our contracted logistics centers are all certified under the International Standards Organization to deliver consistent performance throughout the network. Each center is gated, accessed controlled, video monitored and staffed by security professionals. The security team is a Tier 2 participant in The Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) program, an active participant in the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS), as well as The Transported Asset Protection Association. Each Logistics Center maintains active partnerships with local security and law enforcement agencies across the US.

Wildflower has access to over two million square foot of controlled storage space within the US.

Location Miami, FL Suwanee, GA Swedesboro, NJ South Bend, IN Fort Worth, TX Fontana, CA Total
Square Feet 273,000 196,000 407,000 347,000 535,000 407,000 2,165,000

Wildflower also maintains access to one or more Logistics Centers in the following countries:






















Inbound Product Integrity and Authentication

Wildflower sources product from OEMs and their authorized distributors to ensure that we receive only genuine parts without modification. Our inbound routing guide requires that all inbound product be factory sealed and packaged to prevent tampering in transit. Each shipment is carefully inspected for signs of tampering and for compliance to shipping documents.

In House and Outbound Product Integrity

All product shipped from our contracted facilities have an intact factory seal. Configured product that has been opened for custom integration services will be resealed with configuration build labels across the carton seams to prevent tampering en route to the end-point. We are able to offer varying levels of tampering protection in our packaging.

Enhanced integration center services can include access controlled work areas and secure server cabinets. For Wildflower’s largest federal customer we provide a badge accessed cage with a dedicated and secure server unit, conforming agency and Federal level requirements.


Serial numbers are captured and reported on the inbound, verifying product authenticity for customer owned product. We transmit serial numbers to the customer on outbound shipments as well as listing the serial numbers on the packing list associated with the product. We are able to transmit shipping reports via Electronic Data Interchange, or the preferred method of the customer. Chain-of-custody carrier reporting is also available.

Configuration/ Integration

Wildflower maintains access to large configuration centers on both coasts that provide all of the above services. We can easily expand security capabilities to meet the needs of any customer requirement, including full DPAS compliance.

Asset Tagging

Wildflower has extensive experience with applying and reporting on tagging services for Federal agencies. We process several asset tag types to meet the needs of our diverse customer base. We are able to obtain the capabilities to create any type of asset tag to include RFID and UID.


Wildflower provides customized reporting that affords the customer complete visibility to order status. Next-day reporting using various transmission methods is available for:

Asset Tag Serial Number

Tag EIN Product Number

BAH order number

Item serial number

IUID number

IUID type (Construct 1 or Construct 2)

RFID number

Shipping tracking number

Custom Labeling and Packaging

Custom shipping labels and documents can be accommodated to meet any requirement. Kitting, consolidation, and other solutions for time-effective deployments are available.

End-point Services

Our experienced in-house logistics team is responsible for end-to-end product delivery, from the loading dock to your desktop. All personnel are background checked; if required by a contract, badged, and have the necessary credentials to access government buildings and infrastructure. Inside, dock, or lift gate, scheduled deliveries, off-peak deliveries, or unique insurance requirements can be supported.

Program Management

With a reputation for superior program management, Wildflower can provide dedicated Program Management and Customer Service teams who are experienced with Federal requirements.

These are our base processes that have been developed to reliably deliver logistics services globally each day. We welcome the opportunity to discuss a customized security solution to meet any requirements that you may have, now or in the future.

Custom Labeling and Packaging

Custom shipping labels and documents can be accommodated to meet any requirement. Kitting, consolidation, and other solutions for time-effective deployments are available.