Unmanned Aircraft for the Private Sector

Oil & Gas  •  Security  •  Agriculture - Crop Monitoring  •  Surveillance  •  Disaster Relief  •  Mapping  •  Surveying  •  Utility Inspection  •  Real Estate  •  Law Enforcement  •  News Media  •  Construction  •  Film Production


Unmanned Aircraft Systems

The Choice for the Operator Who Needs:

  • Long endurance
  • Silent and safe operations
  • Quick and effortless assembly
  •  Easy transportabilityCost-effectiveness

The Silent Falcon™ platform is a rugged, reliable, stealthy, all composite modular airframe. The airframe also has modular components and is mission flexible. The system is extremely quiet with a very low thermal signature, which allows it to avoid detection. Using a patent pending process, thin film photovoltaic panels are integrated in the wings to generate electrical power during daylight hours. 

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The Silent Falcon sUAS is a versatile system capable of performing a wide variety of missions requiring long endurance, long range and undetectable flight. Here are a few ideal applications for the Silent Falcon. In all cases, using an unmanned aircraft is safer and more economical than sending a person into the mission.

Oil and Gas

Security /Surveillance

Leak detection in buried oil, gas and water pipelines using a thermal sensor. Protect pipelines from thieves at night using an infrared camera.

Natural Resource Management

Protect a wildlife refuge from poachers while flying undetectable. Using a UAS like the Silent Falcon will save the lives of helicopter pilots who die each year in this effort as well as the lives of the animals we need to preserve. Or find precious metals in a mining operation by saving time knowing exactly where to mine.

Real Estate

Help potential buyers see their property from a unique and expansive view.

Film Production

Get the high flying shots impossible with cameras on the ground. Offer a different perspective for more interesting film making.

Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance. Know where your adversaries are and monitor their activities.

Mining & Construction

Spot structural damage and potentially hazardous situations.

Mapping & Surveying

Perform your mapping and/or surveying project in less time and more cost effectively.

Law Enforcement

Provide surveillance and intelligence of potentially dangerous conditions by gaining situational awareness from the safety of the ground control station while the UAS does all the work in the threatening areas


Agriculture Crop Monitoring

Observe, measure and respond to what’s happening with your crops. Where to water or where to plant and most anything in between.

Disaster Relief

Help disaster relief efforts by gaining knowledge of the situation from a safe distance. Assess damage, temperature extremes, and locate people in need of rescue.

Utilities Inspection

Get up close to locate an issue with energy or utility infrastructure. Deploying an unmanned aerial system for inspection allows utility companies to reduce manual patrols to free up resources and reduce costs.


Fly high or low over news while it’s happening, sending data and images in real time to the people who will report the happenings.