Corporate Culture

Corporate culture is the identity of a company, its DNA; in some ways, it becomes part of the identity of those who work there. Culture is also a circular condition; people affect the culture as much as the culture affects people. Are we creating the experience or is the experience creating us? There are so many words and ideas that make up Wildflower’s Corporate Culture. Fundamentally, there are threads that have been woven through our fabric from the beginning that are present with us every day. Periodically we seek to define it in a way that is as unique as we are. That is what this page is about. The Wildflower culture is difficult to describe, but easy to experience. It isn’t something we do, it’s something we are, and something we feel, something that exists….

…Where the wild things are.

Maurice Sendak
It’s about imagination and inspiration; about courage and conquering your fears; about coming home.

Dog Day Afternoons

Otherwise known as Bring Your Dog to Work Days. Much has been written about how pets affect stress levels in people. Pets control blood pressure better than drugs, and talk about mood enhancers! Who could resist a loving pair of puppy eyes or taking a break with a dog to play Frisbee, and not necessarily your own? Based on this evidence and the CEO’s desire to have a unique and creative work environment, Wildflower instituted its Bring Your Dog to Work Days. One dog is allowed in any Wildflower office each day; all things being equal, office staff need no longer be jealous of their telecommuting counterparts! The HR manager creates the schedule for the dogs, and so far he hasn’t required that they clock in. Some staff members have bent the rules a little bit; we have a feline participant, and then there was a day that a chicken came to work (ask Karman). Wildflower is nothing if not diverse! We are more lighthearted here because of it.

Have I told you lately that I love you?

Van Morrison
This is more commonly described as Wildflower’s attitude of gratitude. We have a culture of thank-you, built on respect and the characteristic of being grateful. There is a keen awareness here that our paychecks, our insurance, our livelihoods in general, are the result of the people that support us. We thank them in writing, on the phone, in day-to-day conversations. There are a thousand ways to say thank you, we think we can invent more.

Ain’t no mountain high enough

Marvin Gaye
Loyalty. We are steadfast in our business relationships, even when it may not be the most profitable or the easiest choice. Today’s business environment drives many companies to make choices that affect the bottom line. We make decisions that will protect our integrity, our reputation, our trusted relationships, and our long-term sustainability. Although it’s not always lucrative, we offer loyalty in our business relationships and we expect it in return. Loyalty is something that is earned over time; it demands participation, and we are active participants. Our business partners know they can count on us, today and in the future. It’s just a Wild Thing.

Don’t Count Your Chickens Before They Hatch

It is all too easy to assume that everything is going to work out perfectly, but they often do not unfold in the way we plan for or expect.Do we plan for the future? We do. Do we hope for the best? Always. Do we know there will be disappointments? We have experienced them. This idiom is keenly felt at Wildflower; some of our staff are chicken farmers and not only do they bring life lessons to work, but fresh eggs too.

The Food Network

We all think we’re stars when it comes to food. Wildflower is a company of foodies, by happenstance not by design. Cooking is a tradition that defines us. From its earliest days, the staff gathers together periodically to cook, outside with a grill, sometimes the now-famous giant paella pan, crammed inside a small kitchen, or to eat at a favorite local place. Wildflower events are not catered; everyone comes together with a contribution of a family dish or a specially created cocktail. It’s a way we share cultures and histories; the food of our own soul.

The Golden Rule

The ethic of reciprocity is important to us. We treat others as we want to be treated.

And now you know the rest of the story

Paul Harvey
American popular radio broadcaster from Tulsa, OK.

If there’s anything that you want, If there’s anything I can do, Just call on me, and I’ll send it along, with love from me to you.

From Me To You, The Beatles
We don’t like to say no to customers; as matter of fact, there is only one person at Wildflower that has the authority to deliver a “no.” The CEO has perhaps done so a total of two times in twenty years. If she would need to explain a “no” to you, you’d wonder why you didn’t think of it yourself. Expect a yes!

Oh baby, baby, it’s a wild world, I’ll always remember you as a child, girl

Cat Stevens
Wildflower began in 1991 in Glorieta, New Mexico. One woman, one desk, set up in her infant daughter’s bedroom. Today, we are New Mexico’s largest woman-owned business.